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Monthly Q&A Session

A small-group setting to accelerate your personal growth,
meeting last Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM.

I'm inviting you to participate in a small group Q&A session in which I'll be answering your questions about personal and professional growth, and relationships in real time! 


This Q&A session an opportunity to join me, and several like-minded people, for a completely new conversation about personal growth on a drop-in basis.


Intentional personal growth is an essential component of mental, emotional, physical, and energetic health and well-being.  Although all of those components combined can seem like a lot to work on, my success with clients is built on my less is more approach. 


When you're clear about who you are, and your intentions for your life, what once felt overwhelming or like a lot of work, starts to feel simpler and easier to get to.  My services are an evolution of psychotherapy and mental health counseling, and my approach your empowerment at the center of your process. 


I'm offering a minimalist approach which I am confident has the potential to deliver maximum results!




Once a month, by reservation, I'll be facilitating this group experience by answering participant questions in real time.  

Is it a class?  Is it a lecture series?  Is there a set agenda?  Does it require an ongoing commitment? 


It's none of the above!  A class would require enrollment and regular attendance in order to benefit.  A lecture series would mean I'll be talking to you, or at you. 


My only agenda is to meet you exactly where you are, and to provide immediate assistance by answering your questions.  I'll have plenty to say as I answer your questions, but I won't be teaching you anything I think you need to know-- this structure ensures you'll receive the perspective and guidance you want

You, and potentially anyone in your life whom you think will benefit from experiencing my approach and support.  In other words, anyone who's interested in conscious, positive change and growth. 


Because clients tend to have similar questions and concerns, the answers to the questions asked, even if slightly personalized to a different person or situation, will apply to all participants generally. 

  • Your questions will be helpful to others, and vice versa.

  • Diverse questions allow for amplified answers and assistance.

  • You'll benefit from the epiphanies and breakthroughs of others.

  • These sessions are intended to be relaxed, yet also confidential, honoring, and respectful to all attendees.

I hope you'll find an opportunity to join me in trying something new!


The last Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM at my office, for about 90 minutes. 


Enrollment is $150.00 per session. 


Reach me at


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