Why attend attend a small group Q&A?

Because like-minded people interested in personal growth tend to have similar questions.  The answers to the questions asked, even if slightly personalized to a different situation, will apply to all participants generally. 

Your questions will be helpful to others, and vice versa.

Diverse questions allow for amplified answers and assistance.


You're here because you're looking to hire a support professional.  A therapist-counselor-coach-expert-guide kind of professional.  I've been there, and I do that.


Do you want some help now?

Do you want to know what it's like to work with me? 


My approach to personal and professional growth and relationships is also a big deal.  It's also high-touch, connected, and fun! 


I want potential clients to have an opportunity to test drive my services and approach.  


I'm inviting you to participate in a small group Q&A session in which I'll be answering your questions in real time.  You'll get to know me, get a feel for the assistance I provide, and you'll get help! 


It's quite possible this small group Q&A could be enough to get you pointed in a new direction. 


It will definitely allow you to decide if I'm the right professional to hire for your job.


Please join me, and several like-minded potential clients, for a totally new conversation about personal growth!

Potential individual client Q&A is last Wednesday of the month at 5:00.

Potential couple client Q&A is last Saturday of the month at 11:00.

There is a one-time fee to reserve and attend.  This payment can be applied to any work agreement made within 1 month following your group intro session.

Please use the link below to reserve and I very much look forward to meeting!

Q&A Test Drive