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How connected is your relationship?  How much more connected do you want it to be?


Why five hours? The first hours of couples work is typically the most uncomfortable. When couples are able to stay connected through this initial phase then there's a big pay off in the form a major shift into something new.


Here's how clients have benefited from their investment:


Learned – intentional communication and conflict management.

Established genuine forgiveness and healing post-betrayal.

Recognized damaging communication patterns and changed them.


Created healthier, pro-intimacy mindset and habits.

Collaborated learned how to work through divisive issues together.

Remembered the true nature of their love connection, and how to reset it as needed.


Closure ending a primary relationship intentionally, with respect and honor for important people who are effected by the change.

Ready to dive in? 
Use the button below to take the next step and I'll be in touch!


This eight week immersive package includes five hours of session time, and access to my support in between meetings to keep you connected.


This is one example of an accelerated work agreement and is not representative of all options.  Are you looking for a different starting point? I offer a consultation, which is a pathway for customizing our work together, or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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