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Functioning Consciously


Functioning Consciously



Gina Palumbo welcomes participants of all orientations and backgrounds.  If there is any way Gina Palumbo can make this experience more accessible, then please don’t hesitate to tell her.  Please note, the Functioning Consciously service offered is provided by telephone only.


Non-Clinical Consultation & Informational Services

While Gina Palumbo is a licensed mental health counselor, the service offered through Functioning Consciously is intended to be consultative and informative, and is not psychotherapy or counseling, and is not a substitute for psychotherapy or counseling, nor are these services intended as health care of any kind.  If participation in the service exposes an underlying mental, emotional, or physical condition that requires the care of a mental health counselor, psychotherapist or a physician, Gina Palumbo will assist participant with finding appropriate referrals.


Cancellation Policy

There is no refund for cancelled or missed appointments.  If participant wishes to reschedule appointment time, then 48 hour notice is required.  A full refund will be offered only in the unlikely event Gina Palumbo is unable to attend scheduled phone appointment.  


Consent to participate in Functioning Consciously service

By agreeing to the terms and conditions participant acknowl­edges that he/she understands the above paragraphs.  

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