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How much will you accomplish during your Intro Package?

Quite a bit!  Here's how other's have benefited from their investment:


Personal growth  Creatively problem solved and resolved a specific issue.

Professional growth – Mapped out a new direction for work or lifestyle upgrades.

Relationships – Transformed a challenging relationship.


Negative thoughts – Re-framed unwanted negative self-talk and thought patterns.

Unwanted behaviors – Updated sabotaging mindset and approach to dating.

Feeling unfocused or stuck – Established specific, executable goals to move forward


This package is an immersive, accelerated agreement designed to jump-start your personal growth, which includes three hours of session time and access to my support in between meetings.

Ready to dive in? 
Use the button below to take the next step and I'll be in touch!

This is one example of an accelerated work agreement and is not representative of all options.  Are you looking for a different starting point? I offer a consultation, which is a pathway for customizing our work together, or feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Individual Growth

What kind of support do you need now?
Where do you need it?

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