Welcome to my psychotherapy and counseling practice.

My desire is to bring out the best in you. 

My supportive approach and proven techniques will help you reduce stress, resolve conflicts, develop confidence, and change your life.

Whether this is your first time seeking a therapist or you are returning, in my practice you can discuss issues openly and we'll work together to achieve your goals.



PSYCHOTHERAPY is based on medical necessity; it is for clients who need treatment for diagnosable mental health conditions.  An example is any combination of the following: a previous or existing mental health diagnosis, current psychotropic medication, and history of suicidality would all be considered medical necessity. 

COUNSELING is a process of healing and change not based on medical necessity; it encompasses my years of clinical psychotherapy practice experience combined with coaching techniques.  Because counseling can’t be billed to insurance it is completely confidential. 


Prospective clients often ask if I have a specialty. Because of my training and work in community mental health, I consider myself to be a general practitioner. I have experience working across a wide client spectrum. Anxiety and depression, self-criticism, suicidality, substance abuse/addiction, sexuality, life transitions (including relationships, work, and grief) are common issues in my practice.

Please note: I offer professional services for the primary purpose of counseling and psychotherapy, not for the primary purpose of preparing for litigation.  If you are seeking services for preparation of litigation or other legal action, I can help you find a referral to a forensic expert.  I do not normally serve as an expert witness, however, for those cases I do choose to participate in, my fee for appearing as an expert witness at trial is $350 per hour. My rate to appear as a fact witness in any trial, deposition, or other legal or administrative process is $200 per hour.


I work with romantic relationships of all kinds and configurations.  Couples seek therapy for a variety of reasons including recurring conflict, intimacy, communication issues, infidelity crisis, parenting concerns, and sexual/desire difficulties.


I also work with couples who would like to maintain healthy relationship development and growth. 

Please note: many clients assume couples therapy will be reimbursed by their insurance provider when they have insurance benefits which include mental/behavioral health.  Unfortunately this is rarely the case.  Most insurance plans require both medical necessity and individual treatment in order for benefits to apply.  According to most insurance plans, marital issues typically do not meet either of those criteria.  Please consult your individual insurance coverage for more details. 


I meet the requirements of the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to offer supervisory services to licensure candidates.  In addition to being a pathway to obtaining licensure, clinical supervision plays a vital role in professional growth, including continued development of competency.  Clinical supervision supports and protects trainees and their clients.

I believe every therapist benefits from personal therapy.  In addition to being a deeply useful form of self-care, therapy can also provide enhancement of skills.  Assisting other professionals is a facet of my work that is important and gratifying to me.



I like to make the scheduling process easy and convenient for my clients. You may use the CALENDAR ACCESS button below to directly schedule a time with me. If you don't see what you need or have any questions please contact me via Email or by phone (253) 209-2661.


New patients, please review the HIPAA Form and complete the Intake Form before our first appointment. 



Pages 1-2 are my disclosure statement for you to keep.  Pages 3-5 are consent and intake forms to complete and bring to first appointment.  For couple clients, each person should complete pages 3-4; page 5 may be completed individually or collaboratively.




Billed to Insurance

Psychotherapy appointments are 60 Minutes

$200.00 • Intake appointment

$140.00 • Subsequent appointments


Individual, Couple or Family appointment

$120.00 • 60 minute appointment

$180.00 • 90 minute appointment

$240.00 • 120 minute appointment


Cigna  •  First Choice Health  •  Premera

If  you do not see your plan listed then please contact your insurance company to clarify your out-of-network benefit/reimbursement. It is the patient's responsibility to understand their coverage and financial obligation.





The Ledger Square Building

711 St. Helens Avenue
Suite 211
Tacoma, WA 98402


Tuesday 1:00-6:00

Wednesday 1:00-6:00

Thursday 4:00-8:00

Friday 1:00-6:00

Saturday 11:00-4:00



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