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My approach is unique, customized, direct, and based on:

  • My career as a full-time service provider in the mental health industry for 15 years, with couples comprising over half of my client population. 

  • Success with clients has accrued over thousands of hours, first as a licensed therapist, and now as a professional coach.

If you're looking for a connected, collaborative process to support the change you desire, then I could be the right person for you.  Hearing directly from my clients is a great way to learn more about how I help. 




My coaching services are retainer-based and include support in between sessions.  They’re non-medical so billing insurance isn’t possible.  All work together is by agreement and is customized based upon your needs.  We'll start with a consultation to meet, discuss your goals, and for you to get a feel for my style and services.  From there, we'll customize options that are right for you.

Gina, a master clinician, relationship expert, and service-oriented facilitator for individuals and couples.

I'm here to help and I'd love to hear from you!


Welcome!  I'm delighted you're exploring the transformative power of mental health coaching.  My services are based on over a decade of providing traditional psychotherapy.  I've expanded and improved upon that model by creating a high-touch, customized approach to shift your mindset and unlock your full potential in life, work, and relationships.  Based on my years of experience and clinical mastery,

I offer an advanced, progressive approach that delivers maximum results for individuals and couples alike.  With my coaching, you'll gain a new perspective on your life, think differently, and create meaningful changes that align with your goals. Take the first step towards feeling better in life, work, relationships and love. 


         Our work together is an investment, and here’s what it means:

Clarity – together we will define where we’re starting and ending.

Connectivity – we have contact as needed in between sessions to support your desired outcomes.

Collaborationwe're working together to create a higher degree of acceleration and desired change.

Are you ready to upgrade your life?

Professional coaching services that are an evolution of psychotherapy and mental health counseling. 



"When we first started working with you, we were struggling with pain, regret, and to forgive each other. We have moved significantly forward in a very short period of time. We have healed much of the past and have grown and changed in ways we never thought possible. There is so much happiness now.  We now have so much more trust in each other, which has increased our intimacy. We have learned new, more positive ways to communicate with each other."

— Couple

Thank you for making the hard conversations so much easier to have.  When we first came to see you, we thought something was really wrong with us, and that maybe we'd damaged our relationship beyond repair.  The main thing we've learned is that growing in our emotional intimacy can be really uncomfortable.  Also that tension and conflict are an opportunity for increased closeness and connection now that we know how to lean in rather than escalate.  Turns out we're not broken, we just didn't know how to move through tough patterns on our own.  Now we can easily identify when we're in the new together or if we've reverted to our old ways.  Invaluable.

— Couple

"Speaking of marriage, your approach is a very helpful marriage of practical, pragmatic perspective and tools, mixed with something 'woo woo'.  We don't know what else to call it, it just feels like magic to us ."

— Couple

"We thought conscious uncoupling was something only celebrities do.  Upon the recommendation of a good friend, we consulted with you, hired you, and then proceeded to end our marriage with respect and honor for everyone involved.  You really helped stay connected to our mantra: what started in love can also end in love."

— Couple

"Our work together started with marriage counseling.  After completing our couples work, which included collaborative divorce, I knew you were the right person to help me adjust to being single and navigating

reentry into dating.  You met me at every awkward, uncomfortable step of the way with warmth, humor, and incredibly helpful advice and guidance.  Thank you for helping me rebuild my life into something even better than I'd imagined."

— Couple transition into Individual Personal Growth

"My life and my perspective about who I am has transformed from the time we began working together when I started in your psychotherapy practice (a million years ago).  I didn't think your services or approach needed improvement, yet as usual, you were're even more helpful as a coach!   Having contact and access to your support in between sessions really does keep me focused and more connected to my objectives. 

I love having the recordings of your messages that I can replay as needed.  Thank you!"

— Personal Growth

"What hasn’t changed?  I am more confident in myself, my work and my relationships. I no longer avoid my problems and step into my true self more. I used to believe I wasn’t capable of being in a loving relationship, that something was wrong with me.  I’m so much happier since working with you.  Anyone who wants to work with you should know that they will be challenged and encouraged to grow which can be extremely uncomfortable.  But it’s fucking worth it."

— Personal & Professional Growth


"I am so grateful for your insights, encouragement, challenges, and general brilliance+kindness+no-bullshit.  Working with you has been one of the highlights of the past year. I think I would still be floundering around without you. I feel in a good place now, so much different than when I first came in."

— Personal Growth

"I felt that you were so perceptive, that I was able to

open up and speak my thoughts as well as be directed towards a more constructive perspective.  I would recommend you to most anyone I know because your work with me exceeded my’s a worthwhile investment. It's worth the money."

— Personal Growth

"After each session, bright luminous light bulbs!  Every interaction we had together was exactly what I needed. You met me where I was at and elevated me with insight provided or questions asked.  You listen deeply, and ask thought provoking questions. Your choice in words are purposeful and impactful and powerful."

— Personal & Professional Growth

"Part of the work we have been doing is working on patience and opening myself up to the process of life. Finding alignment in my life.  And to cultivate a non-reactive stance toward conflict and hardship. This work is on-going and I feel it has helped me grow and develop as a leader.  I am grateful for you. Thank you for all you do!"

— Personal & Professional Growth






Individual Growth

What kind of support do you need?
Where do you need it?

I'm passionate about helping people access their power in small and large ways throughout their lives —

through thoughts, intentions, and choices.

I listen carefully to the conversations you have with yourself and with significant people in your life. I pay attention to where your thoughts and energy are moving, and I translate what I'm hearing into a road map of opportunities and choices which lead to feeling better and having more of what you're wanting.

Examples of how individuals have benefited from our work together:


               Personal growth – Creative problem solving and resolving specific issues.

               Professional growth – Mapping out a new direction for work or lifestyle upgrades.

               Relationships – Develop capacity for transforming challenging relationships.


               Negative thoughts – Re-framing negative thought patterns and self-talk.

               Unwanted behaviors – Uncover sabotaging mindsets about relationships and dating.

               Unfocused or stuck – Establishing specific, realistic goals for moving forward.


Couples Connection

How connected is your relationship?
How much more connected do you want it to be?


Do you know that emotional intimacy and communication are the same thing? 

Many people believe there is separation between the two.  Yet from my years of working with couples, I'm certain they are the same.  I bring this unique perspective to my work supporting relationships through their many phases of development, growth, and transitions.

I'll assist you with the heavy lifting during and in between sessions, no matter what issues we're focusing on.  Following our conversations, you'll find your connection becoming lighter, warmer, and more connected.

Intimacy arises in a light, spacious, and open (non-defensive) environment.  Learning how to have a light touch with each other amid the harder parts of your connection will lead you to feeling and communicating better-- which is the goal and outcome. 



Examples of how couples have benefited from our work together:


                  Learned – Intentional communication and conflict management skills.

               Established – Genuine forgiveness and healing post-betrayal.

               Recognized – Damaging communication habits and changed them.


               Creativity – Healthier, pro-intimacy mindset and habits.

               Collaboration – Working through divisive issues together with confidence.

               Connection – Learning how to protect the love connection and reset it as needed.


               Closure – Ending relationship consciously with respect for everyone impacted by the                                             change, including children, extended family, friends, and larger community.


I'm here to help and I'd love to hear from you!

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