Gina Palumbo

Through knowledge and skills  accrued over thousands of hours I have successfully guided individuals and couples to reach their goals. My guidance is tailored to each unique person, relationship, and professional pursuit with the intention of upgrading your daily living while moving toward your expanded vision of who you are and having more of what you want in your life.

All work together is customized and based upon your needs. We'll start with a consultation and go from there.

Are you ready to have a completely new kind of conversation?

I'd love to hear from you! 


What kind of support do you need right now?  And where do you need it?

Your life is your beautiful creation — if you've lost sight of this then together we will find the thoughts, words, and actions to restore your sense of purpose, engagement, and success!


I listen carefully to conversations you're having with yourself and others, translating what I'm hearing into a road map of opportunities and choices which can lead you to having more of what you're wanting.


How connected is your relationship?

Did you know that intimacy and communication are one in the same? 

Many people believe there is separation between the two.  Yet from my years of working with couples, I'm certain they are the same.  I bring this unique perspective to my work supporting relationships through their many phases of development, growth, and transitions.

I'll assist you with the heavy lifting during and in between sessions, no matter what issues we're focusing on.  Following our conversations, you'll find your connection becoming lighter, warmer, and more connected.

Intimacy arises in a light, spacious, and open (non-defensive) environment.  Learning how to have a light touch with each other amid the harder parts of your connection will lead you to feeling and communicating better-- which is both the goal and outcome. 



  • Personal growth

  • Professional growth

  • Relationships

  • Dating

  • Negative thought patterns

  • Unwanted behaviors

  • Feeling unfocused or stuck


Are you ready to upgrade your life?

A personalized approach to transforming lifestyle, relationships, and work for individuals and couples. 

Relational Expertise + Life Coaching = Accelerated Change


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In-office appointments available at 711 St Helens Ave Ste 211

Tacoma, WA 98402

All remote appointments are scheduled in PST

Transform negative thought patterns into powerful, practical change. 
Solve problems creatively without conflict or force.
Expand capacity for personal and relational intimacy.
Tap into potential and live with greater purpose and enjoyment.
Overcome obstacles and develop confidence.
Clarify desired change and immediately move into alignment with your vision.