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How are my services an evolution of psychotherapy, mental health and marriage counseling?  My approach is more advanced than conventional clinical services because we begin with a higher degree of connection and collaboration.  That's the starting point.  


Why did my approach evolve?  After working for more than a decade full time as a psychotherapist, it was clear to me that people wanted, and sometimes needed more help than a limited, hourly model provides. 


What's the evolution?  My services are an investment model of personal growth; our work together is by agreement rather than the hour, which is a more effective way to support an intentional change process.

"I am so grateful for your insights, encouragement, challenges, and general brilliance+kindness+no-bullshit.  Working with you has been one of the highlights of the past year."


Our work together is an investment, and here’s what it means for you and me:

Clarity – together we will define where we’re starting and ending.

Connectivity – we have contact as needed in between sessions to support your desired outcomes.

Collaboration – we're partnering to create a higher degree of acceleration and desired change.

One size doesn't fit all, and I offer a variety of agreement options.  All work is customizable, and together, we’ll decide on a service agreement that’s right for you.  Because my services are retainer-based and include support in between sessions, they’re non-medical and billing insurance isn’t possible.


Are we a match?  Let's meet for a 30 minute consultation, which is a mutual overview of what you need and how my services work.

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