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Gina Palumbo Professional Growth Services located in Tacoma, WA

Work With Me

Professional coaching services that are an evolution of psychotherapy, mental health and marriage counseling. 

Gina Palumbo Professional Growth Services private office space in Tacoma

What Clients Say

An in-person consultation is an opportunity for a mutual overview.  We'll discuss your needs and goals, and you'll get a feel for my style and services. 

Consultations are 30 minutes in length and typically include some form of customized guidance, or referrals and resources should you choose a different path. 


Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch! 

I very much look forward to connecting with you! 

In-office appointments available at

​711 St Helens Ave • Suite 211

Tacoma, WA 98402

All remote appointments are scheduled in PST, by phone.

"Speaking of marriage, your approach is a very helpful marriage of practical, pragmatic perspective and tools, mixed with something 'woo woo'.  We don't know what else to call it, it just feels like magic to us ."

— Couples Connection

"We thought conscious uncoupling was something only celebrities do.  Upon the recommendation of a good friend, we consulted with you, hired you, and then proceeded to end our marriage with respect and honor for everyone involved.  You really helped us stay connected to our mantra: what started in love can also end in love."

— Couple Connection

"I am so grateful for your insights, encouragement, challenges, and general brilliance+kindness+no-bullshit.  Working with you has been one of the highlights of the past year. I think I would still be floundering around without you. I feel in a good place now, so much different than when I first came in."

— Personal Growth

"What hasn’t changed?  I am more confident in myself, my work and my relationships.  I no longer avoid my problems and step into my true self more. I used to believe I wasn’t capable of being in a loving relationship, that something was wrong with me.  I’m so much happier since working with you.  Anyone who wants to work with you should know that they will be challenged and encouraged to grow which can be extremely uncomfortable.  But it’s fucking worth it."

— Personal Growth

"After each session, bright luminous light bulbs!  Every interaction we had together was exactly what I needed. You met me where I was at and elevated me with insight provided or questions asked.  You listen deeply, and ask thought provoking questions. Your choice in words are purposeful and impactful and powerful."

— Personal & Professional Growth

"Part of the work we have been doing is working on patience and opening myself up to the process of life. Finding alignment in my life.  And to cultivate a non-reactive stance toward conflict and hardship. This work is on-going and I feel it has helped me grow and develop as a leader.  I am grateful for you. Thank you for all do!"

— Personal & Professional Growth

Gina Palumbo Professional Growth Services

Let's Get To Work

Our work together is an investment, and here’s what it means:

Clarity – together we will define where we’re starting and ending.

Connectivity – we have contact as needed in between sessions to support your desired outcomes.

Collaboration – we're working together to create a higher degree of acceleration and desired change.

Are we a match?  Let's meet for a 30 minute consultation, which is a mutual overview of what you need and how my services work.

Thank you for your willingness to invest in your personal growth.  Thank you for your interest in Gina's services.  We are a referral-based business, we don't add your name to a mailing list or market on social media.  Any changes in available services will be updated on this website.  We're here to be of service to our clients, and we thank you for your support.

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